GST Collection: Center got more than ₹ 1.30 lakh crore GST collection for the fifth consecutive month, know how much increased

There is news of relief for the central government amid the ever-increasing inflation. In February 2022, the GST collection increased to Rs 133026 crore. This figure of GST recovery is 18 percent more than in February 2021. At the same time, 26 percent collection has increased compared to February 2020. This is the fifth consecutive month that the GST collection exceeds Rs 1.30 lakh crore.

CGST Collection in February has been Rs 24435 crore, SGST Collection Rs 30779 crore, IGST Collection Rs 67471 crore and Cess Rs 10340 crore. The revenue of the central government after regular settlement in the month of February has been Rs 50782 crore. During this, the total revenue of the states has been Rs 52688 crore.

Highest collection for the third time

According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, this is the third highest collection in the history of GST. Earlier in January this year, the government had earned Rs 140986 crore from GST, which is the highest ever recovery. Earlier, in April, 2021, the GST collection was Rs 139708 crore, which is the second largest recovery. After this, in February 2022, the government has earned the highest amount of Rs 133026 crore for the third time.

Crosses one lakh crore for the 9th time in the current financial year

Month  Recovery
April Rs 139708 crore
July  116393 crRs
August  112020 crRs
September  117010 crRs
October 130127 Cr Rs
November Rs 131526 crore
December  129780 crores Rs.
January  140986 crores Rs.
February  133026 crores Rs.

Despite the restrictions of the epidemic, the collection increased

This increase in GST collection has come at a time when restrictions were imposed in some states in January due to Corona. It is also indicating that the third wave of Kovid-19 has not shown much effect and the fourth quarter is also going to be fine. However, there was definitely an impact on the economy data that came on Monday. GDP growth was 5.4 percent in the third quarter, which was 3 percent less than the second quarter.