Clarification On GST Rate Of Goods in 47th GST Council Meeting

Clarification on GST Rate of Goods in 47th GST Council Meeting

(1.) Electric vehicles whether or not fitted with a battery pack, are eligible for the concessional GST rate of 5%.

(2.) All fly ash bricks attract same concessional rate irrespective of fly ash content

(3.) Stones covered in S. No.123 of Schedule-I (such as Napa stones), even if they are ready to use and polished in minor ways [not mirror polished], attract concessional GST rate of 5%.

(4.) The GST rate on all forms of mango under CTH 0804, including mango pulp (other than mangoes sliced, dried) attract GST at the 12%. Entry is also being amended to make this amply clear. Raw or fresh mangoes continue to be exempt.

(5.) Sewage treated water is exempted from GST and is not the same as purified water provided in S. No. 99 of notification 2/2017-CT(Rate). The word ‘purified’ is being omitted to make this amply clear.

(6.) Nicotine Polarilex Gum attracts a GST rate of 18%.

(7.) The condition of 90% fly ash content with respect to fly ash bricks applies only to fly ash aggregate, and not fly ash bricks. As a simplification measure, the condition of 90% content is being omitted.

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