Big disclosure of GST fraud, 550 fake companies worth 800 crores opened without office

A network of vicious people employs various tactics to evade tax. Recently, such a case of GST Fraud has been revealed, which has surprised even the officials. In this case, 2-3 people together formed 550 fake companies and cost the government exchequer about Rs 800 crore. What is even more surprising is that thousands of people’s real identities and ID cards were used to create fake companies.

GST fraud for the first time from electricity bill

This matter is related to Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. The entire work of GST fraud was going on from Gujarat. Three people from Gujarat have also been arrested in this connection. According to officials, this network of fraud was detected by the Central GST Intelligence. This is the first such case, when GST fraud has been carried out using electricity bill. After this action took place, in which three people were arrested. Those arrested have been identified as Suleman Karim (29), Shamsuddin Amin Bodhani (33) and Firoz Khan (36). All three are residents of Gujarat.

The accused have the data of 80% of the population of Indore.

An official said that these three created 550 fake companies on the stolen identities. Electricity bills of common people were used to register companies. The officer even expressed doubts that the information of 80 percent of the people of Indore has been misused in this massive fraud. When the investigation was done in this matter, it was found that the people whose electricity bill was used, they did not register any firm on the GST Portal. The accused created fake companies using the unique number of the electricity bill. The digital footprint of Input Tax Credit Transactions (ITC) helped the police to track down the accused.

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  1. Such big scam cannot be happened without help of GST officers.
    Government should initiate an enquiry against GST officers also.

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