5% GST on non-ICU hospital room with rent over ₹5,000 not unreasonable. See no reason to say that a 5% GST on hospital rooms will hurt patients. Cannot keep cutting GST rates on goods & services, states & centre need money for expenditure, says Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj

GST (at lower rates) should emerge the main indirect tax in 5-6 years. India undergoing a structural change for the better, GST regime will be better in coming years, adds Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj

3 replies on “5% GST on non-ICU hospital room with rent over ₹5,000 not unreasonable, Details here”

  1. You take salary just 10000 rs and made all ministers to afford the expencess themselves from their business which their families are doing then you put the patients into gst fold then we will agree

  2. One Side Pradhan Sewak wants to boost Medical Tourism. Very next side such things are imposed on hospitals and indirectly patients…. That makes the intentions very clear. Are there no other fields remaining which can earn money for government….?? And otherwise Governments always WANTS money… just the question is where the money goes…???????

    Saying like when I can afford 5000 mean I can also afford 250 is foolish.

    Worse policies are being adopted for Health and Education in last few years.

  3. It’s right move. GST on high school fee of Rs ,10-15000 should also be levied. Those who can afford such high school fee and room rent should pay to Government also

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