Truecaller will no longer do call recording

Google has announced to tighten the noose on call recording apps. From May 11, Google will implement several new policies under which third party apps will not be able to get access to call recording in Android smartphones.

Following the same policy of Google, Truecaller has now also confirmed that call recording will no longer be possible with Truecaller. It is worth noting that one of the top features of Trecaller is the feature of call recording.

In India also people record calls through Truecaller. Now with the advent of the new policy, it will have an effect here as well. According to Truecaller, now the company will stop giving the option of call recording worldwide.

Let us tell you that the smartphones which have been given the native call recorder feature can continue to record calls even after May 11. But the smartphones which have downloaded a separate app for call recording will not be able to do call recording.

Truecaller has said in a statement that after the response of the users, we had launched the call recording feature for Android smartphones, but now after the updated policy of Google, Google will restrict the permission of call recording and hence call recording from Truecaller also. can be done.

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