Google wants to give you more control over the advertising that appears in Search

The goal is to “make it even easier for you to control the ads you see.” The My Ad Center “Hub” features a modern Google design that lets you quickly turn off “Personalized ads” from the top-right corner. At the center of the (Material You) bottom bar is Customize, which is split into three tabs. 

Topics are presented as cards (with cover imagery) that feature a plus and minus sign to log whether you want to see more of a topic or less. That +/- signal impacts the likelihood of their appearance when you’re signed into those three Google apps or services.

For example, those shopping for a specific type of car can select the “Hybrid alternative vehicles” category, while a person that’s finished gift buying for a tablet can choose to see less ads about that topic.

Meanwhile, you can do the same with individual brands, while the list of “Sensitive” topics that can be limited is the third and final tab. The expanded categories, including gambling and pregnancy, were just announced by Google last week.