Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojna

The Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojna (PMGKY) is now more than 4 months old but it is observed that some of the employers that have the link showing that they are eligible for PMGKY benefit have not filed the ECR. When you login, the eligible employer get the message about the PMGKY eligibility. The eligibility is decided by the system based on the data and the Scheme Rules. The list of eligible members is also available in your login.

If you have not filed ECR for any or more than one month from March 2020.

 If your establishment is found eligible, the link for declaration must be
appearing in your login.

 Please file your declaration and then the ECR to avail the benefit.

 The option for declaration is given to ensure that you have not actually
employed more than 100 employees. So the option to disagree is given.

 If you have wrongly declared as disagreed, you can edit the declaration for that month in case you have not already paid against the ECR.

 Please Note: Another requirement in the declaration is to enter the total
number of employees engaged by you and the number of employees with
wages under 15000/- (less than 15000/- that is up to 14999/-). This is the EPF
Wages. The system calculates if the number of employees with less than
15000/- wages is not less than 90%.

 Here also if the number is wrongly entered by mistake you can edit the
declaration if not paid for that month.

 If payment is made against ECR the declaration cannot be edited.

 Once your declaration is successful, the system will check the ECR as per
Scheme and in cases where the member is eligible upfront benefit is given.
Where the Aadhar is not validated, the code GK0007 will be displayed and
when the Aadhar is validated later you will get the reimbursement. How to
get the reimbursement is explained below.

 In case of any other error code the reason is explained and the employer can make correction in ECR to avail the benefit against all the eligible members. He should cancel the uploaded ECR and then file the corrected one.

If you have filed the ECR before the Scheme is announced

 As you have already filed the ECR and did not get the benefit, but you are
eligible, then you are entitled for reimbursement.
 For claiming the reimbursement, you need to update the Form 5A from your login and upload the bank details and scanned copy of a cheque.
 In your login you have a link to declare the bank account in which you want the reimbursement money. Establishment >> PMGKY Bank Account Registration.

Reimbursement against the non-Aadhar validated accounts

Against the members whose Aadhar were not validated at the time of ECR filing, you will get the reimbursement when the Aadhar is validated. So all the employers who did not get the upfront benefit against the eligible UANs
because Aadhar was not validated, the declaration of the bank account will enable them to get the benefits reimbursement.

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