How to Merge Two or More EPFO Accounts?

PF account holder has to merge the account (EPF Account Merge) by visiting the website of EPFO. Only after this you will be able to see the total amount deposited in your EPF account in a single account.

You can easily merge your PF account online. For this you have to go to the official website of EPFO. Here you have to go to Services. Then click on One Employee One EPF Account.

After this the form will open to merge EPF account. Here you have to enter the registered mobile number from the EPF account. Then enter UAN and current member ID. Once the complete details are filled, then OTP will be generated for authentication.

UAN is mandatory

OTP will come on your registered mobile number. As soon as you enter the OTP number. Your old PF accounts will start appearing. After this fill the PF account number and click on the submit button. Your request for account merge will be accepted. Then after a few days of verification, your PF account will be merged.

But keep in mind that to avail any facility related to EPF online, you must know your UAN (Universal Account No). Along with this, it is also necessary for UAN to be activated.

Find out your UAN like this

If you do not know your UAN, you can find it online. For this you have to go to’. Then click on the Employee Linked Section on the right side and click on ‘Know Your UAN’ number. Then you have to fill the registered mobile number and captcha code.

After this click on Request OTP. Now a page will open in front of you. On this you will have to fill your PF account number and captcha. Along with date of birth, Aadhaar or PAN number will have to be entered. After this click on ‘Show My UAN Number’. You will get your UAN.

The following are the steps to merge the EPF accounts online.

Here Are the Steps for EPFO Merge Accounts:

  1.  Go to the EPFO website and sign in.
  2.  On the main page, click on My Account. 
  3.  On the My Account page, under Accounts Details, select Merge Accounts. 
  4.  On the Merge Accounts page, enter the details of the accounts you want to merge into your new account. 
  5.  If you have multiple bank accounts linked with your EPFO account, choose which one you want to use as your new active bank account. 
  6.  Click on Save and Close. 
  7.  Your new merged EPFO account will be created and will be activated immediately.

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  1. Previous EMPLOYER must have digital signature authority only we can transfer our EPFO account if they have no digital signature authority how can possible to merge the previous account.

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