Sub:- Mandatory activation of Multi-Factor Authentication-Req.


It is informed that, with immediate effect, installation of 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) has been made mandatory by NIC for using the email id on “” domain.

All users availing the email services from NIC (i.e. need to use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to access their email account. Users will not be able to access their email through the Web Interface w.e.f. Thursday, 23rd Dec 2021 unless “Kavach App” is installed.

Therefore, all users are requested to install “Kavach App” on their access devices (phone/laptop/desktop) immediately.

Please ensure that the device in which the “Kavach Application” is installed should always be available with the user, as the user has to accept the notification received on the “Kavach Application” for enabling access to the email account.

Steps to download and install 2FA application “Kavach” is attached. The attached document gives the detailed step wise process for installing the Kavach “Application” on mobile/laptop and desktop.

This makes it very important that correct mobile number is linked with your email Id. For changing the mobile number, you have to send an email from official email Id to intimating your email Id, name, designation, date of retirement, and new mobile number. This mobile number should not be already linked with 2 email Ids.

A process for allowing your PA/PS to access your email is also given in the attached document. However, the PA/PS should be having email ID on domain which means that he/she should be an employee of the organizations.

Important points:-

1. Link correct mobile number with your email Id.

2. You can allow maximum two employee to access your email.

3. With one mobile number maximum two email IDs are permitted.

4. With one email Ids maximum three devices may be added.

Yours’ Faithfully,