Bombay High Court’s Judgement on Section 69C of the Income Tax Act: PCIT vs Vaman International Pvt Ltd

COURT: Bombay High Court

CORAM: Milind D. Jadhav J, Ujjal Bhuyan J


GENRE: Domestic Tax

COUNSEL: Akhileshwar Sharma

DATE: January 29, 2020 (Date of pronouncement)

DATE: July 3, 2020 (Date of publication)

AY: 2010-11


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Section 69C- Bogus Purchases: (i) The onus is on the revenue to prove that the income really belongs to the assessee (ii) The assessee has filed copies of purchase/ sale invoices, challan cum tax invoices, stock ledger showing entry/exit of materials purchased, bank statements to show payment for purchases were made through banking channels, etc., to establish genuineness of purchases (iii) The AO has not brought on record any material evidence to show that the purchases were bogus (iv) Mere reliance by the AO on information obtained from Sales Tax Department or statements of persons made before the Sales Tax Department is not sufficient to treat the purchases as bogus (v) If the AO doubts the genuineness of the purchases, he has to do further enquiries and give an opportunity to the assessee to examine/cross-examine the parties vis-a-vis the statements made by them before the Sales Tax Department. Without causing such further enquiries in respect of the purchases, it is not open to the AO to make addition u/s 69C.

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