Story Behind The Words “CA Se Dur Raho”

Co-Founder of Peyush Bansal made a comment in his talk show Shark Tank India that “CA se dur raho”.

After these words used by him for CAs, the CA fraternity has started mentioning him at social media handles.

CA Neetu Jain posted at LinkedIn that “Peyush Bansal you owe an apology to CA fraternity for disregarding us by your comment ‘CA se dur raho’.”

CAs have been a partner in nation building alongside mentors and advisors to a lot of startups.

I hope your auditors will also give you reply in a legal way.”

CA Bimal Jain tweeted that “Indeed, Peyush Bansal must apologise for his derogatory statement and disrespecting CA fraternity on 07.01.22 on Shark Tank India show.”

After these posts and tweets made by CA Fraternity, Peyush Bansal has tweeted a picture. Some of the lines as included in the picture are as under:

“Plz maaf kar do, dil par mat lo, entrepreneurship ko promote kara, show ke maje lo 🙂

Once again, sorry dil se.

Stay safe”