PM CARES Fund approves procurement of 1.5 lakh Oxycare Systems developed by DRDO

The PM CARES Fund has approved the procurement of 1,50,000 units of Oxycare System developed by the Defence Research Development Organisation at a cost of Rs 322.5 crore as informed by DRDO. It further informed that the Oxycare System is an SpO2 based Oxygen Supply System, that regulates oxygen being administered to patients based on sensed SpO2 levels. It further added,” Under this sanction, 1,00,000 manual and 50,000 automatic oxycare systems along with NRBM (Non- rebreather mask) masks are being procured. The Oxycare system delivers supplemental oxygen based on SpO2 levels and prevents the person from sinking into a state of Hypoxia, which can be fatal.”

The system was developed by the Defence Bio- Engineering and ElectroMedical Laboratory (DEBEL) in Bengaluru of the DRDO for soldiers posted at extreme high altitude areas. The system is indigenously developed for operations in field conditions and is robust. This comes amid the huge increase in demand for medical supplies as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country.


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