Payment enabled via UPI & Credit Card on Income Tax Portal via Payment Gateway

Payment enabled via UPI & Credit Card on Income Tax Portal via Payment Gateway

Make Payment Online FAQ

1. Can I make my tax payments online?
Yes, you can make your tax payment using:

  • Authorized Bank Debit Card, or
  • Authorized Bank Net Banking facility, or
  • Payment Gateway (Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking of Non-Authorized Banks or UPI)

Using the online payment service, you will be able to pay tax for the saved drafts of the challans or make tax payment of challan for an already generated Challan Form saved under the Generated Challans tab.

2. Can my tax payment be scheduled for a later date?
You can schedule your tax payment from your bank account using the Net Banking facility. However, this facility is not available for online payment using Credit / Debit Card.

3. Is there a time limit for making the payment after challan creation?
You are required to make the tax payment within 15 days from generation of challan (i.e. 15 Days from the date of CRN generation). In case of Advance Tax, you need to make the payment within 15 Days from the date of CRN generation or 31st March of Current Financial Year, whichever is earlier.

4. What can I do if I am not able to see the authorized bank account through which I want to pay?
While selecting mode of payment, if you are not able to see the bank account upfront through which you want to pay, you may select your desired authorized bank from the list of banks available under the Other Bank dropdown.

5. Which are the Authorized Banks for making payment directly through Net-banking or Debit Card?
The list of banks integrated with e-Filing can be found on the Login with Net Banking page on the e-Filing portal.

6. How will I know whether my transaction is successful?
You will receive a confirmation message on your email ID and Mobile number registered with the e-Filing portal. Additionally, Payment History will reflect the status of successful payment along with CIN which will be provided by the Bank on confirmed payment.

7. Can I schedule payment through Net Banking?
Yes. However, it will depend on your chosen Bank Account as facility for scheduling payments through Net Banking is available on few bank accounts. In case you have chosen to schedule payment using Net Banking, please ensure you have sufficient balance in the selected bank account maintained, on the date of tax remittance.

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