NMC Notifies Medical Education reform 2020

NMC Notifies Medical Education reform 2020

The National Medical Commission (NMC),  with an of aim affordable medical education has notified its first major regulation titled as ‘Minimum Requirements for Annual MBBS Admissions Regulations 2020 to replace the Minimum Standard Requirements for Medical Colleges, 1999 of the erstwhile Medical Council of India (MCI).


applicable to all new medical colleges proposing to be established, and to the established medical colleges proposing to increase their annual MBBS intake from the academic year 2021-22.

Kindly note that: During the transitory period, the established medical colleges will be governed by the relevant regulations existing prior to the current notification.

Key Changes:

  1. Provision deleted: the quantum of land required for setting up a medical college and its affiliated teaching hospitals (all buildings are expected to conform to existing building bye-laws).
  2. The minimum requirements of space for all student centric areas in the institution and the functional areas required – provision defined.
  3. a well-equipped “Skills Laboratory” for training students is essential.
  4. Medical Education Unit for training medical teachers in educational pedagogy.
  5. Student counselling services has been mandated recognizing the increasing stress observed amongst medical students and residents in recent times.
  6. Mandatory: the availability of a fully functional 300 bed multi-speciality hospital for at least 2 years at the time of application for establishing a new medical college.
  7. provision for “visiting faculty” has been made to enhance quality of training.
  8. Two new teaching departments mandatory in all medical college hospitals for the training of undergraduate medical students.
  9. “desirable” and “aspirational” goals beyond the minimum requirements stated in the standards so as to stimulate medical institutions to strive for excellence.
  10. Physical verification of infrastructure, human resources, and other facilities shall be carried out for first renewal, third renewal and until recognition of the MBBS qualification awarded by the medical college is granted.

11. Further admissions shall not be made at any stage except the beginning of the academic year, unless the student fulfils the rules laid down in relevant ‘Minimum Standard Requirement Regulations for Annual MBBS Admissions’ and phase-wise requirements for grant of permission.

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