PM Modi said that now a new parliament is going to be formed in the country with the ideas of Indianness, we will jointly build a new house of parliament. When India celebrates the 75th year of its independence, the Parliament building will be its inspiration. PM Modi said that if we praise our democracy, then the day is not far when the world will say ‘India is Mother of Democracy’.

In his address, PM Modi said that the old Parliament House gave direction to India after independence, the new building will become a witness of self-reliant India. The coming generations will take pride in the new Parliament House. Our democracy is the source of energy in the Parliament House.

According to the proposal, the new Parliament building will be built in 64500 square meters, which will be four-storey and will cost Rs 971 crore. This parliament house will be ready by 2022. An office will be built in the Parliament House complex for all MPs, which will be ready by 2024. The new building has been designed by HCP Design Management, which is from Ahmedabad.

There will be a seating facility of 1224 MPs. Of these, 888 will be able to sit in the Lok Sabha Chamber, while the Rajya Sabha Chamber will have a seating capacity of 384 MPs.

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