The Board has decided to introduce new requirements for sustainability reporting by listed entities. This new report shall be called the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR) and shall replace the existing Business Responsibility Report (BRR). The BRSR shall be applicable to the top 1000 listed entities (by market capitalization), for reporting on a voluntary basis for FY 2021 – 22 and on a mandatory basis from FY 2022 – 23.

The BRSR lays considerable emphasis on quantifiable metrics, which allows for easy measurement and comparability across companies, sectors and time periods. Further, the disclosures on climate and social (employees, consumers and communities) related issues of the entity have been significantly enhanced and made more granular.

The disclosures under the BRSR are segregated into essential (mandatory) and leadership (voluntary) indicators. The BRSR also provides for inter-operability of reporting i.e. the entities which prepare sustainability reports based on internationally accepted reporting frameworks (such as the GRI, SASB, TCFD, Integrated Reporting) can cross-reference the disclosures sought under the BRSR to the disclosures made under such frameworks.