India’s latest Earth Observation Satellite EOS-01 launched successfully; nine satellites of foreign countries also put into orbit

India’s workhorse rocket PSLV-C49 has successfully launched India’s latest Earth Observation Satellite EOS-01 and placed into its intended orbit this afternoon. In a copybook style mission, the launch vehicle also put nine other customer satellites into space. The weather at the national spaceport in Sriharikota slightly delayed the launch leading to its lift off at 15.12 hours
instead of the scheduled time of 15.02 hrs. However, ISRO scientists said, right from the ignition of the vehicle, its flight parameters were accurately coinciding with the projected path. In just under 15-and-a-half minutes of the ignition of the rocket, the primary satellite EOS-01 was ed in its 575-kilometer Low Earth Orbit. Its solar panels were deployed immediately and
the satellite team of the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO took control of it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated ISRO and country’s space industry for the successful launch of PSLV-C49/EOS-01 Mission today. He said, scientists overcame many constraints to
meet the deadline in the time of COVID-19. Mr. Modi said that nine satellites, including four each from the US and Luxembourg and one from Lithuania, have been launched in the Mission.

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January, 2021