How did Abdul Kalam become so great?

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On account of the birthday of Our former President of India, renowned Scientist, torchbearer of our Indian Space research & Inspiration to many Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, I would like t0 share with our readers one moment. 

Once, Dr. Kalam was asked by a student that how did he become so great?

Reply by Kalam Ji : 

You must have a dream

You must continuously acquire knowledge

You must work hard & should have perseverance

You must not be afraid of problems

Then you will be successful.

Learning —> Creativity —> Knowledge —> Greatness

Though he is not with us physically right now, we should not get saddened because he has given us a lot to smile about.

Famous quote by Dr. Kalam Ji

When it rains, the birds find shelter. But its the eagle who flies above the clouds

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