From Academics to CA Final : The Inspirational Story of A Chartered Accountant

The harder you work, the luckier you get. Because there is no shortcut to success and in the end, everything is worth it!

Today I chase my passion for writing, I am developing a start up for some fintech company and work as a visiting faculty for a ACCA. All this is in addition to working with a MNC as a Chartered Accountant ; CA Heer says to Tax Concept.

Me Being a CA was always my father’s dream. I had been a ranker throughout my school life. I was academically bright and had cleared CPT and IPCC at the first go.

However the biggest shock of my life was when I did not clear the finals in first attempt. Being good with academics it was a huge blow to everyone, and a personal disaster to me. I had never seen failure till then but then i took about a week to get out of the same and started preparing for the Nov attempt.

Unfortunately, i met with an accident in Aug, after filing exam form and ended up with fracture. Eventually the fracture went from bad to worse. I had to undergo plate implantation in my right wrist and could not even move it for four months straight. Yes, the Nov attempt was not even attempted.

Post this i tried to write again in May 18 but could hardly write 20 pages. It was a huge challenge and again i was left with aggregate scores.

This did shatter me but all through my journey, i had an awesome mentor, a personal critic and the most important person of my life who believed in me. He never did quit believing in me and always encouraged me to do better.

We were school buddies, rather competitors and hence he knew the best where to hit me. He kept me going, despite not being a commerce student and ensured that i write exams, mocks especially, he introduced me to innovative study techniques like video lectures, audio lectures and memory mnemonics.

He kept me fuelled and pushed me all through the while. He believed in me when nearly every person i knew did not.

Ultimately that attempt i appeared for a single group and the next attempt the next one. All the social boycotts, sacrifices, late nights, painful days and hardwork did pay off and today it is CA Heer Gajjar.

The ultimate thing I realised is the harder you work, the luckier you get.

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