Due to Failure of GST Portal Even After 4 Years, the Anger of Professionals is Erupting on the Portal

Even after 4 years of GST implementation, yesterday, GST portal was not able to process many GSTR-1 due to technical glitches in the portal.

Yesterday was also the due date to file monthly GSTR-1 for August 2021. So consequently, if supplier has not filed GSTR-1 within due date then ITC of the same will not be reflected in GSTR-2B of the buyer.

Due to this, many professionals tweeted as their anger was erupted on the portal.

CA Abhas Halakhandi tweeted that:


No better term for such Strict laws without Fully Functional Portal.From 8pm Invoices are stuck ‘In-Progress’ status,not getting VALIDATED.

All means tried, but NO USE 🤦  

@Infosys_GSTN @cbic_india 

Any justification for such system failure & related Consequences ❓”

CA Abhishek Rajaram tweeted that:

“On Due Date of GSTR-1 (Monthly) GST Portal failed…!

Now who is responsible for issue relating to Crores of ITC?

This is new problem in GST

What about Late Fees on GSTR-1?
Who will bear this late fees? Taxpayer or Tax Professionals?
Why No Punishment for Infosys?
Reply Please”