Your money is also stuck in PF account for a long time? Know the easy way out

How to withdraw Your money from PF account: Often the money of the salaried people is lying in the PF account. The reason for this is that on changing jobs, PF takes new jobs, either it is not linked or updated. So with the new job a new PF account is created and the old one is left behind. Because of this, the money lying in it also gets stuck. There are many PF accounts. If this is the case with you too, then we are telling you an easy way to remove it.

Sometimes the account number of the PF account of the old servant is not even remembered. If you want to link that PF account with your new UAN or want to withdraw money from it, then now you can do this work easily.

inoperative account
When no amount is received in a PF account for 36 months. During this period, even if no application is filed for withdrawal or transfer of the amount lying in that account, then that account is called Inoperative Account. Those accounts are also included in the Inoperative Account. From whom you had applied to withdraw PF, but due to some reason it failed and after that you did not bother to withdraw it.

If you have an inoperative account or simply say that you have such a PF account, in which there is no contribution for years. Not only this, if you do not even remember his account number, then know further how you can withdraw or transfer money from such accounts.

How to withdraw money from closed PF account
To settle such accounts, EPFO has started a helpdesk. This desk helps you to settle such matters. For this, first of all, reach the website of EPFO. Here in ‘Our services’ select the option of ‘For employees’. After clicking on it, a tab named Services will open in front of you.

Last in this tab you will get the option of Inoperative A/c Helpdesk. As soon as you click on it, a new page will open in front of you. Here you have to click on the tab ‘First time user Click here to Proceed’. If you are coming here for the first time. A message box will open in front of you. Here you have to put your point in maximum 1000 words. In this, you can give details of how old your PF account is and what is the problem.

As soon as you hit the Next button, enter whatever information you have about this account in the new window. This information will help in locating your PF account. On proceeding, you have to give your personal details. It is not mandatory to fill any other details other than name, date of birth and mobile number. According to EPFO, based on the information given here, the EPFO ​​Helpdesk will contact you. More information will be obtained.

A PIN will come on your mobile number. On entering it, a reference ID will be sent to you. Thanks to this, you will be able to keep track of what is the status of this matter going forward. In this way your application will be submitted. EPFO will collect account information at its level and you can also be contacted.

You can check the status of your application by using the reference ID. For this, you have to reach where you had selected “First time user Click here to Proceed”. After reaching here, you now have to click on ‘Existing User Click here to view status’. After clicking, you will have to enter your reference number and mobile number and the status of your inoperative account will be known.