The Supreme Court’s directions for compensation to persons who died of COVID-19.

The directions are summarized as under:

1.) The next of kin of the deceased who died due to Covid-19 shall be paid ex-gratia assistance of an amount of Rs. 50,000.

2.) That this compensation shall be disbursed by the District Disaster Management Authority/ District Administration within 30 days from the date of submitting the application to the concerned authority along with the proof of the death of the deceased due to Covid-19.

3.) The cause of death being certified as “Died due to Covid-19”. The people who fall in this category are mentioned in comments.

4.) In case of any grievance with regard to certification of the death, the aggrieved person may approach the Committee at District level consisting of Additional District Collector, Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), Additional CMOH/ Principal or HOD Medicine of a Medical College.


1.) Hon’ble Supreme Court has made clear that irrespective of the cause of death mentioned in the death certificate, if a family member satisfies the eligibility criteria mentioned in paragraphs 11(i) to 11(iv) as above shall also be entitled to the ex-gratia payment of Rs. 50,000 on production of requisite documents as observed hereinabove, and no State shall deny the ex-gratia payment of Rs. 50,000 on the ground that in the death certificate the cause of death is not mentioned as “Died due to Covid-19”

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