Success Story-Single point registration scheme(SPRS) of NSIC helps aspiring Filmmaker in achieving his dreams

Mr Devashish Pramod Kumar hails from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Through MSME’s Single point registration system of NSIC he got closer to achieving his dream of becoming a filmmaker. He participated in the #Noidaexpo where he got to know about the schemes of Ministry of MSME and registered his firm called Trust Media Entertainment under MSME. Ministry played a crucial role in Devashish’s entrepreneurial journey. He says, “I was told about the single point registration scheme of the #NSIC. Today because of this scheme, my enterprise is able to file tenders and I am able to collaborate with T-Series and Zee Music.” The scope of entrepreneurship is wide whether it be Manufacturing ,Service or Retail, one has only to dream and pursue with dedication.