Seller Samvad held in Siliguri to create awareness among sellers regarding the new features and functionality of GeM

In order to create awareness about the new features and functionality of Government e-Marketplace (GeM), an event titled Seller Samvad was held in Siliguri today.

Interacting with the sellers, Shri Sayantan Roy, Director (Services), GeM, New Delhi said that Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is providing increasing market access to seller groups like MSEs, Women SHGs, Startups reinforcing the Make in India Initiative and Govt of India’s policy to promote local MSEs.

Shri Roy stated that GeM functions as the national procurement portal. It is worth noting that this GeM that operates with three main objectives of efficiency, transparency and inclusiveness, is free from direct contact, paper, cash and status layers. So far about 1 crore transactions worth Rs. 3.02 lakh crores have been made through this portal. A milestone in this process is that the procurement value crossed Rs. 1 lakh crore in FY 21-22 alone.

Since the launch of the portal on August 9, 2016, the number of products sold and procured through the GeM has increased and at present it is over 10,000. In this situation, the Seller Samvad has been planned to provide an opportunity for the sellers to share their experiences and learn the best practices from the others.

The event was attended by Shri Biswajit Sarkar, GeM Facilitator, West Bengal and Sikkim region.With this as a thought, it is felt that GeM has been able to impact a large set of sellers as stakeholders in India’s public procurement ecosystem. It is also planned to have these sellers speak about their experiences and share the same with others to learn from and get inspired.

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