Stock market regulator SEBI on Thursday released a list of 25 defaulters. These are the defaulters who are not getting any clue. According to SEBI, these defaulters neither returned the investors money nor paid the fine imposed by them.

SEBI has given details
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has given details in this regard on its website. These defaulters are out of touch. Giving details about these, SEBI has said that its recovery officer has issued recovery certificate against these persons. However, notices could not be served on these defaulters at their last known addresses. SEBI said that these recovery notices were issued during July 2014 to January 2022. SEBI said that defaulters can contact its recovery officer through email or letter till March 24, 2022.

who’s on the list
In the list released by SEBI, Kanhaiyalal Joshi, Santosh Krishna Pawar, Chetan Mehta, Mukund Yadu Jambhale, Ankit K Agarwal, Jayesh Shah, Sureshkumar P Jain, Praveen Vashisht, Rajesh Tukaram Dambre, Jayesh Kumar Shah, Dahyabhai G Patel, Dalsukhbhai D Patel , Vithalbhai V Gajera. Vinod D Patel, Praveen B Patel, Naveen Kumar Patel, Sunil Kuril, Dilip Hemant Jambhale, Jagdish Jaichandbhai Pandya, Chirag Dineshkumar Shah, Prashant Khankari, Kailash Shriram Agarwal, Dattu Shitole, Jitendra Chandrabhan Singh and Ankit Sancharia are also in the list. .