Rajasthan will get first semi-high speed train, Vande Bharat trial on Kota-Nagda track

There is good news for the people of Rajasthan that the country’s first semi high speed train Vande Bharat’s third rank has landed on the track.

Its trial is being done in the state. The Kota-Nagda track was run in Kota Division of West Central Railway at a speed of about 180.

In this trial, the train was run at a speed of about 120 KMPH to 180 KMPH per hour.

During this trial trial was also taken by running the train rake loadless in some sections between Bhawani Mandi to Kota and Kota to Ghat ka Barana.

Chief Public Relations Officer of West Central Railway said that in the first phase, between Trial Kota and Ghatka Barana,

In the second phase, non-recording was done on the down line between Ghat ka Barana and Kota, third between Kurlasi and Ramganj Mandi.

Also 4th and 5th trials were conducted on down line between Kurlasi and Ramganj Mandi, 6th trial on Ramganjmandi and Laban down line.

During this trial, the speed of the train touched the speed of 180 kmph (KMPH) at many places.

Vande Bharat made in the country

Actually, Vande Bharat train is completely manufactured in our country and it is semi high speed train.

Vande Bharat train is a self-propelled engine train, that is, it does not have a separate engine.

In this, coaches and revolving chairs have been provided with automatic doors and AC chairs. Which can rotate up to 180 degrees.

In fact, on 24 August 2022, the rank of Vande Bharat train was reached for speed trial at Kota railway station.

Washing and cleaning was done in the washing pit during the check-up at the start of Vande Bharat train.

Apart from this, all types of instruments and panels of the train were also checked. Speed ​​trial of Vande Bharat train is being done in the presence of RDSO Lucknow team.



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