Parties doing shortcut politics are the biggest enemy of taxpayers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday laid the foundation stone and inaugurated development projects worth Rs 75,000 crore in Nagpur, Maharashtra. During this, PM Modi fiercely targeted the opposition parties. Without naming any party, PM Modi said that the parties and leaders who are doing politics of short cuts are the biggest enemies of the taxpayers of the country.

PM Modi said, I want to warn the people of the country about the distortion coming in the politics of India. This is the perversion of short-cut politics. This distortion is of looting the country’s money for political interests. These political parties who adopt shortcuts, these leaders are the biggest enemies of every tax payer of the country, their only aim is to come to power. Their only aim is to grab power by making false promises.

Some parties want to destroy the economy – PM

PM Modi said that such parties can never make the country. Today at a time when India is working on the goals for the next 25 years. So some political parties want to destroy India’s economy in their personal interest. The PM said that when the first industrial revolution came, India could not take advantage of it. The second and third industrial revolution came, even then we were left behind. Now when the fourth revolution is about to come, we have to take advantage of it. No country can run with shortcuts. To work for a permanent solution, a long term vision is very important.

The need for sustainable and sustainable development in the country

Addressing a public meeting in Nagpur, PM Modi said that there is a need for sustainable development and sustainable solutions in the country, so that we can follow the path of progress of countries like Singapore and South Korea, which were once considered poor. PM Modi launched several projects worth more than Rs 75,000 crore in Nagpur. This includes National Rail Projects worth more than 1500 crores, National Institute of One Health (NIO), Nagpur and Nag River Pollution Abatement Project, Nagpur. Earlier, the Prime Minister today flagged off the Vande Bharat Express from Nagpur to Bilaspur. He inaugurated the first phase of Nagpur Metro. Also laid the foundation stone of the second phase.

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