ITR Filing: Haven’t received your tax refund yet? In this way check the status till when the money will come…!

Have you not received your Income Tax Refund yet…? Somewhere you too have not made these 3 mistakes. If the refund has not come, then check it immediately. Let us tell you that many times the taxpayers get the refund within a week and sometimes it takes a lot of time. Let us tell you how you can check the status of your tax refund and the reasons why your refund is getting delayed.

Let us tell you that if you fill the bank details wrong or do something wrong, then there may be a delay in getting your refund. Apart from this, there may be delay in getting your refund even if the bank account is not prevalidated. Also, even if your ITR is not verified, it will take time to get the refund.

Ways to check income tax refund status

1. Check the website of NSDL

You can check your refund status online at or http://www.tin

Log on to any of these websites and click on Status of Tax Refunds tab.

Enter your PAN number and assessment year for the year for which the refund is pending.

If the department has processed the refund then you will get a message mentioning the mode of payment, reference number, status and date of refund.

If the refund has not been processed or has not been given, then the same message will come.

  1. Check this way on the e-filing portal

Click here and enter in the e-filing portal of the Income Tax Department.

View Returns / Forms.

Go to My Account tab and select ‘Income Tax Return’.

Click on submit.

Click on the acknowledgment number.

A page showing your return details along with income tax refund status will appear.

What is Tax Refund?

Advance is deducted on the basis of the income tax payer’s estimated investment document in a financial year. But when he submits the final papers by the end of the financial year, then if on calculation he finds that his tax has been deducted more and he has to withdraw the money from the income tax department, then he can file ITR for the refund. applies.