Infrastructure Finance Secretariat, DEA, organises workshop to sensitise Centre and State Governments officials regarding empaneled Transaction Advisers (TAs) for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

The Infrastructure Finance Secretariat in the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, in continuation of its endeavour to boost infrastructure development in the country, today organised a workshop to sensitise the officials from the Central Infrastructure Line Ministries, States and UT Governments regarding empaneled transaction advisers for PPP projects. The workshop was attended by 250+ representatives of Centre and State Governments.

During the workshop, the officials were sensitised with the pivotal role of PPPs in boosting the infrastructure development of the country and the key interventions that are being undertaken by the Central Government. DEA sensitised the officials that the support can be taken from the empaneled Transaction Advisers to structure bankable PPP projects. The empanelment is done for making the process of appointment of transaction advisors/consultant Effortless, Efficient and Effective.

Officials were further sensitised with the manual developed by DEA i.e. Transaction Advisers for PPP projects: Manual for use of the panel. The manual is a step by step guide that can be referred by the project sponsoring authorities to on-board a transaction adviser. Officials were briefed with steps involved in the process viz., establishing project requirements; defining objectives of the assignment, developing terms of reference for the assignment, defining eligibility criteria, identifying key personnel for executing the project, Publishing RfP, etc.

The officials were also briefed regarding DEA schemes for financial support to PPPs which inter alia include Viability Gap Funding (VGF) Scheme to support economically justified but commercially unviable projects, and the India Infrastructure Project Development Fund (IIPDF) to fund PPP project development expenses including costs of engaging Transaction Adviser.

The workshop witnessed an active participation from the Centre and State/UT Governments officials and the queries from the participants were also addressed. Further information regarding TA Panel, VGF Scheme and IIPDF is available on

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