Income Tax Department Panaji sets up a 24 x 7 Control Room for Monitoring election related expenditure

Toll Free Number activated to report movements of large amount of cash and valuables

Principal Directorate of Income Tax (Investigation),Panaji sets up a 24 x 7 Control Room for monitoring election related expenditure by the candidates. Principal Director of Income Tax (Inv.), Panaji has appointed Shri Sridhar Dora, Addl. Director of Income Tax(Inv.), Panaji as Nodal Officer for monitoring the election expenditure. Further, as a part of election expenditure monitoring, a 24×7 control room on 3rd floor at Room No.304, Tristar Building, Patto Plaza, Panaji has been set up to receive complaints or information regarding movement of cash and other items suspected to be used for influencing or bribing the electors. This has been undertaken to curb the use of unaccounted /Black Money in the upcoming election as per the directions of Election Commission of India. 

Persons who have knowledge/information about storage, possession or movement of large amounts of cash/valuables are requested to pass on the information through any one of the modes mentioned below.

Toll Free Number


Mobile Number/ Whatsapp Number

8275803725/ 9403809343