Important information – TRAI does not provide any NOC for installing mobile towers

Important information – TRAI does not provide any NOC for installing mobile towers. If a fraudster brings a fake letter to you, inform the concerned service provider and the local police.

Public Awareness/Education in respect of frauds related to installation of mobile tower:

A brief about fraud: Some fraudster companies/agencies/individuals cheat
general public by promising them hefty monthly rental payment on granting ,; permission for erecting mobile tower in their private properties and ask them to
deposit money In their personal/ companies account as security deposit/ application fee/registration charges/stamp duty government tax under Telecom Act/ clearing of the advanced payment etc. in lieu of leasing/renting the premises of individuals for installation of Mobile Tower or for any other purpose. After collecting the money these companies/ individuals/ agencies become unreachable / untraceable. These
companies at times issue fake “No Objection Certificate” for installation of tower in the name of fictitious companies or in the name of different government organizations/ departments

The public at large is hereby informed that

  1. DoT is not directly or indirectly involved in leasing/renting the premises for installation of mobile tower or for issuing any “No Objection Certificate” for the purpose.
  2. A mobile tower may be installed by either Telecom Service Provider (TSP) or
    Infrastructure Provider (IP-l) as per their licensing/registration conditions. The
    updated list of TSPs and IP-l is available on DoT website i.e.
    The public are cautioned that before they entertain any offer for installation of tower, they should verify the authenticity of TSP/IP-l from DoT website.

3. In case any company/agency/individual is asking for advance or for application fee or for money in any form before actual installation of tower, public is hereby cautioned to be extra careful and verify the credentials of the company

4. Any person or entity found fraudulently involved in such activity like (i) taking advance etc. in the name of installation of mobile towers (ii) using DoT name/logo/recommendations or national emblem is liable to be prosecuted under applicable law. If any person comes across any such fraudulent activity then he/she may report the incident to local police authorities.
In addition or alternatively the local TERM Cell may also be contacted whose contact details are available on DoT website i.e.

Any action on the part of any individual will be at his own risk and
Department of Telecom shall not be liable in any way.