Even after becoming a CA, Suman was not involved in the program of Chartered Accountant, ICAI will also issue notice

After becoming a CA, Suman Kumar used to stay away from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Ranchi chapter as well. He was not much concerned with the institution. He did not give time even in the programs organized from time to time for Chartered Accountants.

Even if he used to go to any program, he used to leave only after signing. He was not attending the program organized for CA for almost four years. This is the reason that very few CMs knew his face. Because, he did not give time nor did he talk to the CA members.

ICAI will issue notice to CA Suman:

Rs 17.60 crore recovered from the residence of CA Suman Kumar and sent to jail in this case, now preparations are being made to take action from ICAI. Sansthan’s chairperson, New Delhi (Public Relations Committee) Sanjay Kumar Agarwal said that a notice will be sent to CA Suman on behalf of the institute’s committee within the next two weeks. Through the notice, it will be asked that what is your involvement in the related matter. Under what circumstances did you do this? Action can be taken if satisfactory answer is not received.