Cyber ​​Fraud Alert: Keep these things in mind, otherwise the bank account may become empty

Bank Fraud Alert: India has now become a Digital India. With the development of technology, all the work is being done in a jiffy. But the speed with which digital transactions are increasing, the incidents of online fraud are increasing at the same speed. Now even thieves have become smart. They do not have to go to someone’s house to rob someone, they do not have to blow anyone’s pocket. All the work is done comfortably in one click while sitting at home. That is why it is important to always be cautious while doing digital transactions.

Cyber fraudsters are adopting such methods by which the money kept in your bank account can disappear in the blink of an eye.

sharing confidential information
The apex bank says that sharing your confidential information is the biggest reason for fraud. Often people share information related to bank accounts or online transactions, unconsciously or even after thinking. Many times you share your debit or credit card information in the name of winning the lottery, getting special offers or any facility. As soon as your bank card details are in the hands of any fraudsters, then they do not delay in transferring the amount deposited in your bank account to their account.

while buying and selling goods online
It has been seen that most of the incidents of fraud take place while selling goods online. When you share any of your goods on any online sales platform for sale, cyber swindlers act as buyers. There have been cases in which cyber thugs pretending to be employees or officers associated with the security agency, use such a feature of the payment app that instead of getting the money, instead of getting the money, it gets transferred from your account to the thug’s account.

These thugs are so clever that even the best of knowledgeable people of online transactions fall into their trap and spend their earnings.

helpline number
Many people search for customer care number by going to Google search for any information or complaint related to their bank, insurance, PAN card, Aadhar card etc. There are duplicate accounts of many banks, insurance companies and institutions related to other essential services on the Internet. They are so real to see that it is difficult to identify whether they are real or fake. And often people get caught in this trap. Instead of the original customer care number, people calling the number of cyber thugs share their personal information with them. And in this way people spend their earnings with their own hands.

That is why it is said time and again that never share information related to your bank, debit or debit card with anyone. Do not charge your mobile phone at charging points in public places. Do not give your debit or credit card to any unknown person. Do not click on links from unknown messages or e-mails.