Cryptocurrency: Tuesday was auspicious for the crypto market, the rise in these digital currencies included in the top 10 including bitcoin

The crypto market, which has been going through a bad phase since the beginning of the year 2022, finally looked a bit better on Tuesday.  Most of the digital currencies included in the top 10 digital currencies, including bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, were in gains, although these gains were not able to make up for the huge fall in the past.

The price of bitcoin increased by more than 2 lakhs
Bitcoin is the first favorite cryptocurrency of the people around the world.  Due to the heavy fall for the past few days, its price reached its lowest level by staying halfway.  However, its price rose on Tuesday and rose 7.33 per cent.  With this rise, the price of bitcoin increased by Rs 2,03,520 to Rs 29,81,943.  At this price, its market cap has increased to Rs 51.8 trillion.  Ethereum, the world’s second most preferred cryptocurrency, also gained momentum and its price jumped 7.42 per cent.  With this, its price increased by Rs 13,746 to Rs 1,99,127.  With this, the price of Polkadot coin increased by 3.17 percent and its price increased to Rs 1,469 on Tuesday.

There is also an increase in these including Binance Coin
Talking about Binance Coin, it gained 7.19 percent to Rs 30,579.  Its price increased by Rs.2050.  With this, Solana rose by 9.56 per cent to Rs 7,609, while Dodgecoin gained 4.38 per cent to Rs 11.18.  Whereas, the price of Xibinu has increased by 6.19 percent to Rs 0.001730.  Apart from this, the price of Litecoin included in the top 10 increased by 6.79 percent to Rs 8,876.  While there was an improvement in the condition of Bitcoin-Ethereum, the price of Tether fell by 1.25 percent to Rs 82.10.

Global crypto market cap fell in the past days
Significantly, as of Monday 24 January 2022, the market cap of the crypto market had broken significantly due to the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies issued from the past.  Only on Monday, the global crypto market was down by up to 3 percent.  The global crypto market cap was down to $1.60 trillion as of Monday afternoon.  About a week ago it was worth over $2 trillion.  The market cap has been affected due to severe fall in most of the major currencies.

Gone are the days of the most popular bitcoin
The world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, has been in trouble since the beginning of the year.  In November last year, bitcoin touched its all-time high, but since then it has continued to break down.  In November, the price of bitcoin had reached $ 69,000, while now its price has broken by about 50 percent.  On the other hand, if we talk about the year 2022, since the beginning of this year, the price of bitcoin has broken more than 20 percent in less than a month

Most crypto investors in India
The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India have expressed concern about the risk in this unregulated market.  At the same time, the number of crypto investors in India is continuously increasing.  According to a report in the past, people’s craze for crypto is rising in the world including India.  According to several reports released in this regard, India currently has the largest number of crypto investments in the world.  The report said that the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies in the country has been around 107 million and by 2030, the investment by Indians in cryptocurrencies is expected to reach $241 million.