Chartered accountant tries to book cab online, loses Rs 1.5 lakh

The complainant found a ‘cab service’ online and shared her information, including credit card details, so that she could book a trip to Lonavala, the police said.

A 29-year-old woman working as a chartered accountant in Mumbai was cheated of Rs 1.5 lakh after she tried to book a cab online to travel to Lonavala, the police said. Dahisar police registered an FIR in this regard on Tuesday.

The complainant told the police she had to go to Lonavala for work on November 20, so the day before, she Googled private cab services. Finding a website which appeared to provide the service, she shared details related to her journey and some personal information, officers said. The same day a person called her, pretending to be a cab service executive from the company, and sent her a link to a website.

The woman went on the website and installed an application after downloading it, the police said. The fraudster then asked her to fill her credit card details on the application and make a payment of Rs 100 to book the cab. He added that she could pay the remaining Rs 3,799 after reaching her destination.

The woman tried making the payment but failed, after which she called up the man who offered to help her. He took her credit card details and soon Rs 1.5 lakh was transferred from her account in two transactions, officers added.

On being alerted about the transactions by her bank, the victim contacted the bank and was asked to file a police complaint.

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