Business Idea: Earn lakhs of rupees a month from this superhit business in the summer season, know how to start

Kitchen remains incomplete without onion. It is one of the very special items in the kitchen. When onion prices skyrocket, it disappears from many kitchens. In such a situation, the demand for onion paste increases. In such a situation, if you want to start a business, then you can start the business of onion paste. This may prove to be a better idea for you. Due to the easy technology, anyone can set up its unit and earn well.

Onion is widely consumed in the country. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka have the highest onion production in the country. In Lasalgaon, Maharashtra, the largest market of onion is found. Heavy rains have caused extensive damage to crops in Maharashtra and Karnataka. In such a situation, you can also start the business of making onion paste.

how much will it cost

Khadi Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has prepared a project report on the business of making onion paste. According to this, this business can be started for Rs 4.19 lakh. If you do not have money to start a business, then you can take a loan from the government’s Mudra scheme. According to the KVIC report, the total cost of setting up an onion paste manufacturing unit is Rs 4,19,000. In this, Rs 1 lakh will be spent on construction of building shed and Rs 1.75 lakh on equipment (frying pan, autoclave steam cooker, diesel furnace, sterilization tank, small utensils, mugs, cups etc.). Apart from this, Rs 2.75 will be needed to run the business. About 193 quintals of onion paste can be produced through this unit in a year. At Rs 3,000 per quintal, its value will be Rs 5.79 lakh.

do marketing like this

Once the onion paste is produced, pack it in a better way. Nowadays the product is sold on designer packing. You can take the help of marketing for its sale. Social media can also be used for this. Apart from this, if you have the budget, you can promote your product by creating a company website.

how much will you earn

The report estimates that if you produce onion paste at full capacity, you can sell Rs 7.50 lakh in a year. If all the expenses are deducted from this, then the gross surplus will be Rs 1.75 lakh. At the same time, the estimated net profit can be Rs 1.48 lakh.