A big gift has been received after Holi for about 7 lakh government employees. Giving a big gift to the government employees, the Madhya Pradesh government has announced a big increase of 11 percent in the dearness allowance. With this announcement, now the salary of government employees of Madhya Pradesh will be 31%. Just a day after Holi, this announcement is nothing less than a big good news.

Salary will increase in April
In fact, on Monday, the Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh gave a big gift to the employees and increased the dearness allowance. The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to increase the dearness allowance of its regular employees by 11 percent. This means that the government employees will get the salary of March along with the new allowance. The salary for April will come with a DA of 31 per cent for government employees.

DA of the state equal to the center
Let us inform that earlier the government employees of Madhya Pradesh used to get 20 percent dearness allowance earlier. Now it has increased to 31 percent. In fact, the Shivraj government had promised 31 per cent dearness allowance to government officials-employees on the same lines as the central government, which has now been fulfilled.

The burden on the government exchequer will increase
PK Srivastava, Deputy Secretary, Finance Department of Madhya Pradesh has also issued orders in this regard to all the departments. This decision of Shivraj government will increase the burden of 3500 crores on the exchequer.

This time the disappointment from the center
Explain that the central government did not increase the dearness allowance for about one and a half years due to the corona epidemic. Thereafter the revised DA was re-implemented from July 2021 and it was increased from 17 per cent to 28 per cent. After this, dearness allowance was increased by 3 percent in October 2021, due to which DA increased to 31 percent. It was expected that this time the government would increase it by 3 percent before Holi, but this time the employees got disappointment from the central government.