big news! Railway ticket booking service will be closed for 6 hours daily for a week, know how long

After Covid-19, the railway passenger reservation system will be disrupted at night for the next one week to normalize passenger services and increase facilities. During this time passengers will not be able to book tickets.

According to the information given by the Railways, ‘During this time all other inquiry services except PRS services will continue completely without any hindrance. But, during this time railway passengers will not be able to book tickets in the next one week at the specified time.

The Ministry of Railways said in a statement, ‘This reform process will start from the midnight of 14 and 15-November. At the same time, the night of 20 and 21 November will start at 23:30 and end at 05:30.

“During these 6 hours (23:30 to 05:30), no PRS services (ticket reservation, current booking, cancellation, inquiry services etc.) will be available. Except PRS services, all other inquiry services will continue uninterrupted.