Battle of Badshahat: Legal Battle Going On For More Than A Year Between Amazon, Reliance And Future Group

The ‘Holi Milan’ between Reliance Group, Future Group and Amazon has now turned into ‘Mahabharat’. At the center of this Mahabharata is nothing but the Indian retail market, whose battle to become the king is going on between Reliance and Amazon. In this, Future Group has also been suffering for more than a year.

In fact, to establish its dominance in the domestic retail market, Reliance had signed a deal of Rs 24,713 crore with Future Group on August 29, 2020. Upon completion of the deal, Reliance would have acquired the ownership of Big Bazaar as well as other retail, warehousing, logistics and wholesale businesses of the Future Group. That’s when Amazon put the deal on hold and has been fighting a legal battle with the Future Group for more than a year. Recently there were reports that Amazon and Future Group have agreed to settle the dispute out of court. The Supreme Court gave 15 days for this, but the matter could not be resolved. The battle for the kingdom continues.