Alert from the government! Do this work by May 25 or else the pension will stop

The Ministry of Defense under the Central Government has issued an important message to the pensioners. The ministry said that pensioners who have not yet completed their annual identity/life certification should do so by May 25. This will ensure smooth processing of monthly pension.

According to information 43,774 pensioners, who were shifted to Pension Administration System-Raksha (Sparsh), have completed their annual identification neither online nor through their respective banks till November 2021.

Further, for the old pensioners (retired before 2016) who continue to follow the old system of pension, it is informed that about 1.2 lakh pensioners have not completed their annual identification by any means available.

What is the way:

  • Digital Jeevan Pramaan Online / Jeevan Pramaan Face App for Android Users
  • Pensioners can also visit Common Service Centers (CACs) to complete the Annual Identification. Find your nearest CSC here :
  • Pensioners can also visit their nearest DPDO to update Jeevan Praman. Old pensioners can continue to update their Jeevan Praman with their respective banks.