7th Pay Commission news: After the budget, central employees can get great news on DA arrears

7th Pay Commission: Central employees are waiting for a big good news. During Kovid 19, the increase in DA of central employees was stopped which was restored in July 2021, but 18 months arrears have not been paid to them. In December 2021, there were reports that the government had decided on the arrears of 18 months and it would be paid soon.

Good news will be available only after the budget
But due to the third wave of corona virus, the decision of DA arrears of central employees has once again stopped. But the central employees are waiting for their 18 months DA arrears and since the peak of the third wave in the country will end by February, it is possible that after the budget, the central employees will get good news.

DA may increase by 3 percent
It is worth noting that at present the central employees are getting 31 percent DA, in January the central government increases the DA. Quoting sources, such information has come to the fore that there may be an increase of three percent in DA, if this increase in DA, then central employees will start getting 34 percent DA.

Employees will get confidence DA arrears
The employees union says that the expectations are not over regarding the 18 Months DA Arrear update. JCM Secretary (Staff Side) Shiv Gopal Mishra demands that the government should do one time settlement. For this, they will keep talking to the government.

DA calculation method changed
The government has also changed the method of DA calculation, which will give more benefits to the employees. The Labor Ministry has changed the base year of the 7th Pay Commission from 1963-65 to 2016. The Ministry of Labor has said that the new series of WRI with base year 2016=100 will replace the old series of base year 1963-65. Due to this, the method of calculation of dearness allowance will change, which will benefit the employees more.