1 kg gold biscuit caught at Jaipur airport, the person caught came from Dubai

Once again the investigating agencies have taken a big action in Rajasthan. Officials have seized 1 kg gold biscuit from Jaipur airport. This gold was hidden under the seat inside the plane. The gold was caught during the checking of customs officials. Officials are questioning the passengers and airline staff of SpiceJet flight number SG-58. According to officials, the flight from Dubai reached Jaipur late in the evening. After the passengers disembarked, the customs officials did the checking. Under the direction of Customs Commissioner Rahul Nagre, this action of checking was done under the leadership of Assistant Customs Commissioner Bharat Bhushan Atal.

gold brought in lieu of 10 thousand

According to officials, the gold was kept hidden in a plastic sheet under one of the plane’s seats during checking. The officers caught the passenger in the airport building itself. A passenger of Sikar origin brought gold in lieu of only 10 thousand rupees. According to customs officials, gold biscuits of 99.50 per cent purity have been valued at over Rs 50 lakh.

Big disclosures can happen in the inquiry

According to officials, it was the person who gave the gold that the passenger got the ticket. The Custom Department team is trying to find out from where the smuggled gold was to be transported by interrogating the passenger and who are the people involved in the gold smuggling. The customs department team seized the gold under the provisions of the Customs Act 1962 and arrested the passenger. It is noteworthy that even before this, gold was caught by custom officers at Jaipur airport. Jaipur airport is becoming a hub for smugglers. Customs officials are inquiring. There can be big revelations in the inquiry.