Hero Electric becomes India’s largest electric two-wheeler brand, leaving Okinawa and Ola behind

Despite selling the best ever, the name of Ather has not been able to make it to the top 3 electric two-wheeler brands in the country. At the same time, Ampere and TVS also overtook Ola in terms of selling electric scooters. Here’s How Electric Two-Wheeler Brands Sell in August 2022

Many companies offer electric scooters and electric bikes in the Indian electric two-wheeler segment. Hero Electric has become the largest electric two-wheeler brand in India as of August 2022. Hero Electric has sold a total of 10,476 units last month. Okinawa is at number two, which has sold 8,554 electric units. Apart from Hero Electric and Okinawa, the top 5 brands included Ampere, Ather Energy and TVS iQube. Ola’s performance was not so special and the company could not make it to the top 5.

Hero Electric: Better Growth Rate

Hero Electric’s growth rate was also better than Okinawa. Okinawa sold 5.7 per cent more electric two-wheelers in August 2022 than in July 2022, while Hero Electric grew at 17 per cent. The third-ranked Ampere has sold 6,396 units in August 2022.

All the data related to the registration of electric two-wheeler has been taken from the Central Government’s VAHAN portal. These do not include data for Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

Ather’s best performance

August 2022 has been a good month for Ather. Ather has sold 5,339 units through the Gen-3 450X electric scooter. This is the best performance of Ather till date. However, despite this, the company could not be included in the top 3 brands. At the same time, according to TVS iQube, it has sold a total of 4,481 units in August. Ola Electric sold just 3,421 units in August

their sales dropped

Revolt, the largest brand of electric motorcycles, has sold fewer bikes this time. In July, the company sold 2,318 bikes, while in August only 1,646 bikes were sold. A brand Pure EV has seen a decline in sales. The company has sold only 875 units in August as against 997 in July. At the same time, two new players Bounce has sold 580 units and Torque has sold 60 units.

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