CEAT Launches India’s First Four-Wheeler EV Tire EnergyDrive

CEAT Limited (CEAT Limited), India’s leading tire manufacturer, has launched its new range of EnergyDrive tires specially designed for four-wheeler electric vehicles.

Generally, EVs operate as high torque silent vehicles, which makes tire noise more pronounced. The new EnergyDrive tires are equipped with the features of CALM (CEAT Acoustic Lowering Material) technology. CEAT is using this patented sound absorbing material which reduces noise with the help of vibration of absorption and filtration.

Ceat has equipped the EnergyDrive tires with a new cavity design called the EasyFlex. The new design helps in reducing the resistance of the EV’s assisted tires while rotating along with better driving range. The DuraBlock technology used in the new EnergyDrive provides better block stiffness and lower thread flexing to the new range of tyres. The high rigidity reduces tire wear while turning the vehicle on the road, the stiffness makes the tires more durable for EVs with higher torque than conventional vehicles.

Speaking on the launch of the EnergyDrive tyres, Arnab Banerjee, COO, CEAT, said, “Tires like the EnergyDrive have been launched in India for the first time keeping in mind the four wheeler EVs. EVs are generally very silent vehicles with high torque, so Tire noise is more pronounced. Our EnergyDrive range of tires with CALM technology will solve this problem of EV owners in the country. We expect EnergyDrive to prove to be the tire of choice amongst EV owners.”

CEAT already leads the tire segment for two wheelers in India with a 50 per cent share. The company has already entered the commercial segment with the launch of specially designed tires for the Tata Ace EV.

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